31.03.2009 CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-13 network and exchange of experience. Laboratory group for a Mediterranean Platform and Seminar on strategic projects in territorial cooperation Programmes

Interact Palermo March 2009 picture

The two days meeting - hosted by the Presidency of the Sicilian Region - took place in Palermo on March, 9-10.
The European Commission, represented by the DG Regional Policy, INTERACT members (in particular the Valencia and Vienna IP and the INTERACT Secretariat), the INTERREG IV Southern Europe Programmes representatives as MA, JTS and Contact Points participated into the event.
Ms Laura Comelli and Ms Chiara Vecchiato, acting as managing Authorities of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-13, illustrated the state of art of the Programme, with regards to the public call no. 1/2008 for strategic projects and the on going procedures of assessment.

How to overcome Southern Cooperation Programme difficulties?
How to implement common approaches?
These were the main discussion points on Day One during the Laboratory group for a Mediterranean Platform. The main fields were about Management and Programmes visibility and the meeting objects were the followings: how to increase stakeholders awareness on common technical challenges addressed by the Platform; discussion on specific technical issues on Southern Programmes; finally look for agreed solutions in order to improve the overall performance of the Programmes.

Day two was focused on the Seminar on Strategic projects in territorial cooperation Programmes, in particular on generation, assessment and monitoring. This time the meeting became really concrete and specific because all the presentations were about real experiences. Main points of the debate were about finding out some governance processes in order to define common themes of interest and at the same time some assessment procedures. Our Managing Authority presented the General Programme Reference Framework on the first call for strategic projects: eligible area, projects typology, budget and submission procedure were the main issues of the presentation.

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