Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: EDUKA - Educating for diversity

  • Priority task: 3. Social integration
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009 - 3

  • Project code: EDUKA
  • Users: SLORI - Slovenski raziskovalni inštitut / Istituto sloveno di ricerche (Trieste - Trst)
  • Partner:
    Provincia di Ravenna
    Università Ca' Foscari Venezia
    Dipartimento di scienze politiche e sociali - Università degli studi di Trieste
    Univerza na Primorskem, Fakulteta za humanistične študije - Università del Litorale, Facoltà di studi umanistici
    Università degli studi di Udine - Centro internazionale sul plurilinguismo
    Dipartimento di Scienze Umane - Università degli studi di Udine
    Società Filologica Friulana ''Graziadio Isaia Ascoli''
    Unione Italiana - Associazione degli appartenenti alla Comunità Nazionale Italiana / Italijanska unija - Društvo pripadnikov italijanske narodne skupnosti
    Inštitut za slovensko izseljenstvo in migracije

  • Description:
    The EDUKA project is intended do promote intercultural values as a foundation for shaping and developing relations in a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society.
    The purpose of the EDUKA project is to create knowledge and tools (didactic and informational material, manuals, publications, games etc.) to educate for diversity and interculturalism in the school and university environment, and to present them in particular to young people and teaching staff at all levels of education.
    To this end cross-border cooperation networks among schools will function at all levels, as will networks among research institutions and universities, among public administrations and institutions operating in the field of intercultural education, amd among organisations within traditional and new ethnic minorities. These networks will provide educational, informative, promotional and research activities.
    Special attention will be focused on implementing intercultural education, taking into account both the traditional minorities (especially the Italian community in Slovenia and the Slovenian and Friulian communities in Italy) and new minorities and migrant groups.

    planned activities:
    - estabilishing 4 cross-border cooperation networks;
    - 8 pubblications (scientific, informational and promotional) on intercultural education;
    - 1 dvd with a short film or spot on cultural and linguistic diversity; 2 didactical products on intercultural education (for ex. manuals, games, powerpoint etc.);
    - 40 cross-border research workshops on interculturalism, 60 conferences on traditional minorities and 50 conferences on migrant groups for upper secondary (ITA) and secondary (SLO) and universities, 17 workshops on interculturalism for lower secondary schools (ITA) and primary (SLO) schools;
    - 24 cross-border workshops for teachers/professors;
    - 3 meetings/8 conferences for presentation and promotion of the results, 3 press conferences; 1 web page of the project with 4 sections about the activities of the 4 cross-border cooperation networks;
    - 12 meetings of the Administrative committee, 6 Assemblies of the partners, 6 meetings of the Scientific committee

    planned results:
    - reinforcement of the intercultural stance and work among young people and the population in general, which will encourage a bridging of historical and cultural barriers, mutual unfamiliarity and prejudice in inter-ethnic relations between majority and minority communities and migrant communities;
    - development of local - both historical and new - cultural and linguistic resources within the majority and minority communities, which will contribute to reinforcing a culture of coexistence, mutual familiarisation, integration and peace between majority and minority ethnic communities and migrants;
    - spreading research results and knowledge of intercultural education, national education models in Slovenia and Italy and ethnic studies from research centres to schools;
    - developing capacities and competences to cooperate in the cross-border network and intercultural interaction and communication in the cross-border and multi-cultural working group among schools, universities, research centres, public institutions, organisations within traditional minorities and migrant groups and institutions working in the intercultural sphere;
    - consolidating knowledge of different education models (Slovenian, Italian, minority, majority) and mutual familiarisation among co-participants in the project, which will promote long-term cooperation;
    - effective,successful, common and cross-border implementation of the project and internal communication among project partners; financial and administrative transparency of the project; spread of project content and results in the area.

    Target groups: pupils and students at primary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools in Italy and primary and secondary schools in Slovenia, university students, youth.

  • Homepage Url:

  • Project data begin: October 2011
  • Project data end: April 2015
  • Approved costs: 1.301.750,42
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Trieste, Udine, Venezia, Ravenna, Obalno-Kraška, Goriška, Osrednjeslovenska
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009

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