Projects 2000-2006

  • Project title: Management and information centres in the protected territory of the Eastern Alpine Arc - Friuli Dolomites.

  • Priority task: Sustainable development of the cross-border area
  • Project measure: Measure 1.1 - Protection, preservation and development of the environment and the territory

  • Project code: AAFVG111026
  • Users: Friuli Dolomites Natural Park Authority (Cimolais)
  • Partner:
    Julian Prealps Natural Park Authority (Resia)
    Javni zavod Triglavski narodni park

  • Description: The project, closely connected with the similar one coded AAFVG111027, is part of a wider programme to safeguard and promote three protected areas with similar territories, in terms of orography, geology and naturalistic features: these are the Friuli Dolomites Park, Julian Prealps, and the Slovenian National Park of Triglav, which belong to the Alpine Network of Protected Areas and were included in the perimeter set up by the Convention for the Safeguard of the Alps. The project concerns the organisation and set-up of the structures of the Park’s operational office hosted in the former elementary school of Cimolais, i.e. a Management Centre facility with suitable management and administrative facilities, as well as the creation of a Visitors’ Centre connected to the network of the other Parks that are partners in the project, with dedicated facilities used as information bureau and public relations office, a conference room, thematic exhibitions and equipment to illustrate the Park. The Centre will be equipped with interactive systems to offer a computerised fruition of the environment, so as to allow children, the elderly and the disabled to set out on their study and research journey. The former “Mugolio” in Cimolais hosts a scientific research laboratory and a guest house to offer lodging to the students engaged in the study of the territory, in order to perform educational and training activities in the field aimed at the promotion and dissemination of information on the Park. The project also consists in a scientific research on the presence of the ibex, within the three protected areas under examination. By means of the actions listed above and the implementation of a number of joint promotional activities, the project aims at ensuring a common approach to territorial management as well as contributing to revitalising the tourist economy, thus pursuing the objective of establishing a Network of the Parks in the Eastern Alpine Arc - within the wider Alpine Network of Protected Areas, that brings together all the Parks of the Alpine Arc.
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  • Project data begin: January 2001
  • Project data end: December 2007
  • Approved costs: 3.356.000 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Pordenone

List of beneficiaries

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