15.10.2012 Projects TRAN2CARE, INNOVAQUA and AGROTUR

Please find enclose the press release of the projects Trans2care, Innovaqua and Agrotur:

On Monday 15th October 2012 at 9 p.m., three cross-border projects financially supported by the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 will be the protagonists of Meridiani, broadcasted by TV Koper. Silvia Stern will anchor and ask her hosts to explain how the local system of universities and research, massively engaged in Trans2Care, Innovaqua and Agrotur projects, operates to include its assets of knowledge and expertise in the processes of innovation and economic development of the cross-border area. The hosts will be Prof. Mladen Franko, vice-rector of University of Nova Gorica, Dr. Klemen Lisjak of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Dr. Franja Šulek of Orthopedic Hospital of Valdoltra, Dr. Marco Francese of Shoreline Soc. cooperativa and Prof. Sabina Passamonti of University of Trieste.

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