05.04.2011 Strategic project JEZIK-LINGUA

The strategic project "JEZIK-LINGUA: Multilingualism as a value and importance of the border between Italy and Slovenia", cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and national funds under the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, began, at the end of last year, a new set of activities for the promotion of multilingualism and literary production on the Italy-Slovenia cross-border area.


The activities started with a press conference, attended by Slovenian and Italian authorities, to present the strategic project and the inauguration of two sites of particular importance with regard to the enhancement of Italian literary culture in the Republic of Slovenia.

The Self-Governing Community of Italian nationality (CAN) Koper-Capodistria opened the 'Info-Book", located in the historical center of the town of Koper-Capodistria (Župančičeva 26). This information office promotes publications published by the Italian National Community and other promotional material produced within the strategic project.

The other inauguration concerns the "Memory room" in the Koper-Capodistria Central Library "Srečko Vilhar", where Italian classical works, considered a national monument of inestimable value are preserved.

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