10.01.2011 Events related to the strategic projects SHARED CULTURE and SIGMA2

Press conference and presentation of the results of the strategic project SHARED CULTURE

In December 2010 were held in Koper-Capodistria a press conference and presentation of the results of the strategic project Shared Culture, cofinanced on the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013. The aim of the project is the study of the Venetian common heritage in Slovenia, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia and the restructuring of the Baseggio or Vida palace, also known as Borilnica.
In the palace will have its headquarters the Inter-University Centre for the Venetian cultural and historical heritage and is on-going a procedure for recognising the building as a monument of national interest.
As introduced by Dr. Darko Darovec, director of the University of Primorska - Science and Research Centre of Koper, in the Slovenian cultural area, the Venetian culture has long been regarded as foreign, differently from the Austrian culture. One of the project’s target is to overcome these myths in Slovenia. Therefore the project will prove that the Venetian culture is an important element of the identity of Slovenia.
The project will also give a significant contribution to the renovation of the historical centre of Koper-Capodistria. The activities regarding archaeological digging ended and during the conservation’s activities were found some Tiepolo family frescos. This family owned the building from the late seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth century. Researches about the previous periods are still being carried out in the archives as well as studies regarding the history of the building and its surroundings.

Shared Culture

The partners of the Ca 'Foscari University and of the University of Udine have already started the research of historical records related to the Venetian culture in the region of Koper-Capodistria and in the archeaological sites of Altino and Concordia Sagittaria. In the future the project will continue the research in the archives and in the existing literature, by digitalizing and analyzing the data obtained, for storing it and making it available for the public.
The Borilnica building will be renovated by 2012, and with the Inter-University Centre for the historical and cultural heritage of Venetian, will become the headquarter of the Centre of the University of Science and Research, as well as that of the Institute of History, Institute of Language and Institute for Mediterranean heritage.

Presentation of the strategic plan SIGMA 2

The strategic plan SIGMA2 presented in Koper-Capodistria the result of the first season of monitoring olive fly.
In the introduction, dr. Maja Podgornik (representative of the LP - University of Primorska - Science and Research Centre of Koper) presented the strategic project SIGMA2 and specifically, the aims of the project, the partners who collaborated and the workpackages’ division. Particular attention has been devoted to the activities of the second WP titled "System and improvement of networks for monitoring plant health and related work”, followed by an explanation by Matjaž Jančar (representative of PP 1 - Kmetijsko gozdarska zbornica Slovenije, Kmetijsko gozdarski zavod Nova Gorica) on the cycle development and methods of repression of the olive fly (Bactrocera oleae Gmelin). They presented also the data about long-term average incidence of olive fly, and the specificity of the Mediterranean climate, which strongly influences the presence of the parasite. Finally, Urška Klančar (LP) presented the on the field work and the monitoring of the olive fly during the 2010 season. The data were statistically analyzed and compared with the results of other partners.

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