24.12.2009 Press release

On December 22, 2009 the 8th Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Cross Broder programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 was held in Venice.
During the meeting, all the topics on the agenda were treated and exhausted, including that relating to the ranking lists of project proposals related to the public call for strategic projects No 1 / 2009.
The Joint Technical Secretariat presented such lists, as resulting from the evaluatione process implemented in line with the Assessing Manual for strategic and standards projects. The same had been discussed and agreed by Programme partners on 17 December at the conclusion of Cross Border Cooperation Team, a technical group forseen by the Operational Programme in order to support the Monitoring Committee in taking decisions.
Given the absence of some Italians voting members at the meeting of Monitoring Committee, those members present, regretting, thought it appropriate that the Republic of Slovenia, who will take the Presidency for the year 2010, convene a meeting of the MC by next month of January.
As usual, the Rapporteur of the Program at the European Commission attended the meeting and shared the views expressed during it.

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