03.07.2009 Increasing CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013's Visibility: meeting students of the University of Ljubljana

In cooperation with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of arts, Department of geography the 3-days excursion for the students of the last year of the bilingual secondary schools from Celovec/Klagenfurt (Austria) were organised on the western part of Slovenia. In their programme they inserted also the issues regarding the cross-border cooperation and the experiences, because they also come from the area which is a part of eligible area for cross.-border cooperation programmes.

Ms Olga Abram, Joint Technical Secretary member, introduced them to the main goals of the European Cross-border cooperation Programme between Italy and Slovenia from the 1994 until today and delivered them some promotional material.

There were 2 groups of students (80 students all together) from Gymnasium from Slovenes (Bundesgymnasium für Slowenen) and the School of commerce.

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