15.06.2009 General information about the state-of-art of the Programme: deadlines and agenda

7th MC - picture

During its 7th meeting held in Mestre (Province of Venice), on June 11th, the Monitoring Committee of the Crossborder Cooperation Programme Italy Slovenia 2007 - 2013 approved the ranking list of the Expressions of Interest admitted to the second step of the Public Call for strategic projects no. 1/2009. With regards to the list, no. 86 out of 92 project proposals evaluated after the public call deadline has passed (1st step), obtained at least the minimum score required in the call (50 points out of 100) for admission after the quality assessment process, carried out by the JTS in co-operation with the Cross-border Working Groups of Experts.

On 25th June, the ranking list of the Expressions of Interest admitted will be uploaded on the section “public calls” of this web site.

The public call no. 01/2009 connected to the 2nd step for the implementation of strategic projects and the public call no. 02/2009 for standard projects will be published in the Official Bulletin of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region on July 1st, 2009.
The deadline for the call no. 01/2009 is at the beginning of September; whereas the deadline for submitting project proposals for standard projects is likely to be the half of October.
In order to provide beneficiaries with the needed support in the process of project implementation and give useful information about the documentation and templates adopted by the Programme, the Managing Authority, jointly with the JTS, aims to promote some info days around the Programme area during the month of July.

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