Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: OGV - Gorizia's Vegetable Garden

  • Priority task: 2. Competitiveness and knowledge based society
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects - land border no. 03/2011 - 2

  • Project code: OGV
  • Users: Lega delle Cooperative del Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Partner:
    CIA - Confederation of Italian Farmers (Gorizia)
    Confagricoltura - General Confederation of Italian Farmers (Gorizia)
    Univerza v Ljubljani
    RRA severne Primorske
    PRC - Posoški razvojni center
    Ustanova Fundacija BiT Planota
    Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno SC Onlus
    Evectors snc
    Famiglia Cooperativa scarl
    Vinska Klet Goriska Brda
    Zavod Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje - Območna služba Nova gorica

  • Description:
    The OGV project aims at increasing the cross-border competitiveness through the development of an integrated market of agricultural products and the supply of services and real assets. Among the operational objectives, besides the systemic development of all the essential functionalities connected with production, distribution and sale of agricultural products, the realization of a Web community is planned. The community will connect small-scale producers of the territory (within 50 km) with the consumers of an average size urban cross-border area of about 68,000 inhabitants. Moreover, the project aims at increasing employment in the agricultural sector also through the collaboration between social enterprises and producers. The duration of the project is 24 months. Its total cost is 495,900.00 €. As for its localization, the core of the project is linked to the cross-border area of Gorizia (Gorizia- Nova Gorica- Sempeter Vertojba).

    Planned activities
    Joint planning meetings

    Drafting of the project sheet

    Establishment of the Steering Commitee

    General Management

    Financial Management

    Analysis of the production capacity
    The analysis of the capacity of local producers will be based on the census of producers and agricultural products of the cooperation project area, both in Italy and Slovenia.

    Market research in the sale area
    The market research aims at assessing the extent and conditions of the demand for products and local services in the main markets of the project area (Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Sempeter Vertoiba).

    Programme development for further increase in production and local product consumption.
    Based on the results obtained from the large-scale analyses on local productions and their sale potential, a plan (business plan) will be drawn for the further increase in the offers and consumption of local products.

    Realization of the technological support for the management of sale activity
    The realization of the technological support for the sale of local agricultural products envisages the implementation of a user interface in a reserved area, optimised for standard (desktop PC, notebook, netbook) and mobile (smartphone, tablet PC) IT devices.

    Realization of the technological platform to support the logistic activity
    It envisages a series of functionalities for the management of suppliers and another series for the management of customers.

    Utilization of e-commerce for selling products to the consumers.
    The web portal created requires the final user to subscribe to the portal using the standard method or through their Facebook account before being able to purchase anything.

    System management
    PP1 will offer, at their headquarters, the space and equipment required for the organization of the office that will manage the web portal and the logistic and administrative functionalities connected to it.

    Delivery to the point of sale
    The Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno will offer, at their headquarters, the space and equipment necessary to store the products from the territory and to pack them according to the buyers’ orders.
    A point of sale will be set up as a space to collect the orders, an information point and a window for producers.

    Home delivery
    The Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno will organize the delivery terms by managing the logistic and administrative functions related to the platform.

    System employability report
    It envisages an analysis of the system employability, namely the jobs created, the emergence of marginal work and the impact of technologies on agricultural companies in terms of work requirement. It is a quantitative and qualitative analysis that will aim at highlighting the decisive elements in creating, bolstering and maintaining employment.

    Business Plan review and final Report on the economic sustainability
    The activity aims at a first, in progress assessment of the trial results in order to draw a sustainability plan, also useful to maintain the system after the end of the project. Then, the results of the practical application of the model and the activated instruments will be assessed as planned in the analyses and in the business plan.

    Graphic design and visual communication office
    The LP will fix the agenda for the dissemination activities and the corporate identity by producing the informational materials, and will supervise the activities of the graphic design office as well. The Cooperativa Sociale Arcobaleno will host at their headquarters the office in charge of the executive graphic design and they will coordinate the production of contents and images for the implementation and update of the web portal. They will also maintain relations with the press and media and support their partners in organizing events.

    Dissemination and promotion
    The organization and dispatch of the newsletters for press conferences and public events of the project are planned.

    Planned results
    Based on the objectives described in the previous sections, the main achievements and planned results are:

    a) The set up of a market with a short supply chain of local products through an analysis of the capacity of local production and of the range of local products; a market research on local product consumption will be carried out so as to strengthen the system planning and to enable to define the capacities and potentials from the point of view of the offer and the demand of local agricultural products.

    b) A business plan of the system, namely a programme for the development of and the further increase in production and consumption of agricultural products; the business plan will allow the development of sale channels, as well as the establishment of effective patterns in the sales channels.

    c) A supplier network, which will connect all the suppliers of the area and make the system more effective, will be created with the aim of boosting the offer of local products. This will lead to an appropriate communication, which will guarantee a common definition of the quantity of products required in each period, the development of a range of products and a wider selection by making the suppliers that provide different types of products collaborate with one another.

    d) Appropriate equipment for technological innovation and the use of ICT will make the communication among suppliers and between them and the territory – especially the consumers - possible and effective. An online work tool easy to use will be developed for agricultural producers and it will be diffused within the project area. The creation of a computer platform will allow the various data related to the system functioning to be managed properly, by paying particular attention to the optimisation of logistics, administrative and financial procedures and sale management. Finally, the e-commerce application will be developed to sell the local agricultural products, and for this purpose, the website characteristics will enable the consumers of the sale area (Gorizia, Nova Gorica and Šempeter- Vrtojba) to use it easily.

    e) For the optimisation of logistics, appropriate sale and distribution systems will be developed to enable the functioning of the collecting system of the products that will be then delivered to the point of sale in an efficient and flexible way, streamlined in its administrative part and with a low environmental impact. The purchase terms also envisage home delivery, which will allow the distribution to the consumers of the sale area, a check on its economic sustainability, and a measurement of the environmental impact in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions.

    f) Other planned results are work inclusions and the identification of work areas, connected to the agricultural production, and of relevant skills through the promotion of social economy and the drafting of a report on the system employability.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: October 2012
  • Project data end: April 2015
  • Approved costs: 487.561,27
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Udine, Goriška
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects - land border no. 03/2011

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