Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: SALTWORKS - Eco-touristic valorization of the Salt-pans between Italy and Slovenia

  • Priority task: 1. Environment, transport and sustainable territorial integration
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009 - 1

  • Project code: SALTWORKS
  • Users: Ente di Gestione per i Parchi e la Biodiversità - Delta del Po
  • Partner:
    DELTA 2000 SOC. CONS. A R.L.
    Comune di Cervia
    SOLINE Pridelava soli d.o.o.
    Krajinski park Strunjan - Parco naturale Strugnano

  • Description:
    The project involves the only salt-pans present within the Italy-Slovenia programme.
    Its aim is to develop and promote the salt-pans of Cervia, Comacchio, Strunjan and Secovlje; it addresses the specific objective of the programme Priority Axis 1 "Environment, transport integration and social development "; in particular¸ it aims to achieve the objective 1.1" Protecting biodiversity and ensuring sustainable management of natural resources”.
    The operational objectives of the project are:
    a) to introduce a common strategy for the sustainable use of salt-pans
    b) to promote the local production of high-quality salt, educational scientific tourism, the creation of new leisure areas, sightseeing, knowledge of Mediterranean Salt-pans, workshops and educational activities
    c) to involve stakeholders in the improvement of the use of the sites, with particular attention to young people, the disabled and the elderly;
    d) to improve infrastructure currently closed to the public;
    e) to develop new sustainable activities in the territory;
    f) to disseminate knowledge and develop a common strategy for the salt-pans;
    g) to create new employment opportunities, particularly for young people.

    WORKPACKAGE 1. COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENT. Activity 1. Project Committee. Act. 2. project meeting.
    WP2. GOOD PRACTICE FOR THE USE OF THE SITES AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Act.1-analysis for the use of areas and drawing up of guidelines for the development of the sites. Act. 2 - Technical meetings. Act.3- Visit to 2 European salt-pans.
    WP3. APPLICATION OF BEST PRACTICES TO ALL AREAS. Act. 1 Realization of four pilot projects. In the salt-pan of Comacchio the “Torre Rossa” will be restored. The pilot project aims at its restoration as part of nature trails that visitors can access in the salt-pan, transforming it into a bird watching site/tower. In the salt-pan of Cervia the pilot project aims at the restoration of the “Torre Esagonale dell’Acquedotto”, which will become a starting point for a cultural itinerary of the salt-pan. In implementing the same objective, the pilot project aims at the realization of a docking area on the old canal that used to connect the old Cervia to the sea. In Sečovlje the pilot project will aim at making an existing itinerary more eco-friendly, so that visitors may appreciate the beauty of the places visited in peace, enjoying every particular without external interference. The path will be raised above the water and a wooden fence will be installed. This will be environmentally-friendly, due to the use of types of weather-resistant wood without the use of chemicals. In the salt-pan of Strunjan the bank and footpath access will be rebuilt; the pilot project will aim at a better use of the site as well as the protection of its environment, because the lower limit of the fishing port of Strunjan will be closed with a barrier to prevent fishermen from entering the protected area of the lagoon.
    WP4 REALIZATION OF EDUCATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COURSES Act.1 Summer camp for students and researchers. Act.2 Realization of creative workshops for schools and training activities for teachers.
    WP. 5 PROMOTION AND MARKETING. Act.1 Creation of a joint calendar of visits to the salt-pans (5,000 copies). Act. 2 Production of promotional material in Italian and Slovenian: 12,000 copies of the folder, 40,000 copies of promotional brochure, 1,200 copies of a promotional video. Act. 3 Organization of a series of events "Sapore di sale" with the printing of 10,000 leaflets in three languages (Italian, Slovenian and English).
    WP. 6 PREPARATORY ACTIVITIES.At.1 Preparatory activities.
    WP 7. COMMUNICATION PLAN. Act. 1 initial press conference. Act. 2 Realization of 50 web pages. Act. 3 Press (10 press releases). Act. 4 Final Conference with at least 100 participants (500 invitations with ad hoc mailing list).

    a 10% increase in visitors to salt-pans, a 5% increase in employment in the tourism sector and a general improvement in environmental management and sustainable tourism in the salt-pans involved in the project, with greater involvement of local stakeholders in the use of the sites. Universities and schools within the territory will be encouraged to participate in the project.
    The target groups are therefore young people, students at universities and colleges, teachers, people with disabilities, tourists and local residents who are sensitive to environmental issues.

    To ensure the smooth running of the project: creation of a Project Committee, composed of representatives from both partners and co-ordinated by LP; for the analysis of saltpans: the setting up of a Technical Committee composed of four experts appointed by LP and PP3, which will coordinate the second team of experts (Italian-Slovenian) designated within the framework of the WP2.

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  • Project data begin: November 2011
  • Project data end: July 2014
  • Approved costs: 1.086.733,72
  • Region / Statistical region: Ferrara, Ravenna, Obalno-Kraška
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009

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