Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: JULIUS - Exploitation and enhancement of cultural heritage and joint use of sports facilities in the border of the Julian Alps to the Adriatic

  • Priority task: 2. Competitiveness and knowledge based society
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009 - 2

  • Project code: JULIUS
  • Users: Comune di Monfalcone
  • Partner:
    Triglavski narodni park
    INFORMEST - Agenzia per lo sviluppo e la cooperazione economica internazionale
    Občina Jesenice
    Občina Postojna
    Comune di Codroipo
    Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Gruppo Alpinismo Moderno GAM
    Comune di Ampezzo
    Gruppo di azione locale del Carso S.C.A.R.L.
    Mestna občina Ljubljana – Javni Zavod ŠPORT LJUBLJANA
    Društvo za gorsko kulturo

  • Description:
    The project aims to improve the joint use of sports and recreational facilities in the eligible area of the framework programme, focusing in particular on mountain sports and sporting activities developed in the natural environment. Inspired by the principles of environmental sustainability and cross-border cooperation, the project will focus on the creation or upgrading of facilities for sports in nature (in particular, climbing, hiking and cycle-touring) and the promotion these activities through the organization of cultural events (week of the mountain, the mountain film festival, etc..), the spread of these activities to young people through introductory courses on climbing from disadvantaged groups such as disabled and handicapped through specific events.
    Project objective is to jointly create a sustainable and respectful approach to natural environment for the improvement of the use of sporting and social infrastructure, which are an active and modern tool for a better quality of life, both socially and healthy.

    In parallel, Slovenia will proceed with the identification of a suitable structure and its equipment for the construction of an indoor climbing gym in the Municipality of Ljubljana and in the town of Jesenice. The center will have the same functionality of the gym of Codroipo.
    b) Construction of itineraries.
    Specific activities: 2 equipped sport routes, marked and protected, usable in particular by disabled people with their guides or accompanying services. Simultaneous creation of an integrated tourist circuit for MTB with the creation of an harmonized tourism package along the various territories.
    c) Training courses.
    Specific activities: start-up, organization and management of a mountaineering course and of a climbing course every year which will be divided into n. 8 lectures and n. 6 practical lessons. Development of courses for operators and of practical activities for visitors and tourists (4 modules lasting 5 days each).
    d) views.
    Specific activities: 12 out-door visits to targeted schools. 24 outdoor games for young people on various environmental issues. 28 thematic workshops on various environmental issues. 6 workshops targeted to disabled people, to be held within the two years of project activities.
    e) Studies and Publications.
    Specific activities: publication of 1 monographic guide. 3 multi-lingual publications on mountains and mountaineering activities. 1 web-site, 20 fact sheets on alpine trails, hiking and cycle-tourism itineraries. 1 operational plan and 1 guideline.
    f) Meetings / Events.
    Specific Activities: 1 kick-off meeting. 1 final conference. 2 steering committee. Organization of an event ("week of the mountain") for each project area (1 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 1 in Slovenia, 1 in Veneto). Creation of an international gathering on a specific selected issue (in Emilia Romagna).
    g) Management.
    Specific Activities: 2 Interim Report. 1 final report. Monitoring Report. Creation of a specific questionnaire for the assessment. 1 Interim Evaluation Report. 7 Local Final Evaluation Reports. 1 Final Evaluation Report of the Project. Positive evaluation of the project and ongoing monitoring activities. Administrative reports will be produced each year within January 31.

    Expected results:
    - Expected results of the project are, in general: the improvement of the joint use of sports and recreational facilities that will favor also disadvantaged groups, the promotion and dissemination of sporting activities in open area, improving of access of information on itineraries and bibliographical sources related to mountaineering.
    - Project aims to develop teamwork and individual skills in urban and natural environment. The focus is on inclusion of disabled peoples and peoples that are going through some post-traumatic rehabilitation, development of specific programs and activities for social inclusion of disabled and their rehabilitation. One of the result is to engage youth in the program areas with useful activities which can help them to find their place in society, give them a chance to avoid wrong choices in life and steer development of their personalities.
    - Operationally in every partner area it will be develop a series of demonstrative pilot actions in the framework of the new strategies for the development of the cross-border cooperation through the promotion of outdoor sports and the natural trails present in program area, as well as of joint use of sports facilities and social opportunities available and experts created.
    - The main achievements of the project, with strong impact in the program are: the equipment of three facilities for the practice of climbing indoors (Codroipo, Jesenice and Ljubljana), the redevelopment of a logistics center for the organization of events and background events in sports and recreation, the creation of 4 points for distribution of informations located in the program area for the promotion of sports and active tourism, the joint organization of a cultural week dedicated to mountain sports and mountain, the publication of 1 guide monographic Julian Alps and information sheets for the use of sports facilities, hiking and climbing in the program area.
    - The project also aims to enable modules and courses for operators of recreational activities for visitors and tourists, create a network of themed events designed to give visibility to the partner areas and to integrate outdoor sports and nature and the to promote structured and integrated tourism development , specific programs for trainings for climbing, for a better understanding of the nature of the border area and Julian Alps and foothills, statistical region in Slovenia and Coastal-Karst Province of Trieste in Italy through the creation of social ties and knowledge of both cultures, customs, traditions and languages.
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  • Project data begin: October 2011
  • Project data end: April 2015
  • Approved costs: 1.038.011,59
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Trieste, Udine, Pordenone, Venezia, Ravenna, Obalno-Kraška, Goriška, Osrednjeslovenska, Gorenjska
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009

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