Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: SEA - Social Economy Agency

  • Priority task: 2. Competitiveness and knowledge based society
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009 - 2

  • Project code: SEA
  • Users: Lega delle Cooperative del Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Partner:
    Provincia di Rovigo
    Employment Service of Slovenia (Ljubljana)
    Provincia di Ravenna
    Univerza v Ljubljani
    Comune di Gorizia
    Provincia di Udine
    RRA severne Primorske
    Provincia di Gorizia
    Finreco- Finanziaria Regionale della Cooperazione
    Legacoop Ravenna
    Legacoop Veneto

  • Description:
    The main goal of the project is setting up an innovative system for work inclusion of disadvantaged people in the Program Area.

    Specific goals:
    - Consolidating networks between public (Italian and Slovenian) bodies as well as between these bodies and private non-profit organisations;
    - Implementing new work inclusion strategies for disadvantaged people;
    - Improving work inclusion from the qualitative and the quantitative points of view;
    - Creating new work areas for social business development;
    - Consolidating social business as an active source for work inclusion;
    - Establishing a permanent co-operation with financial stakeholders to support initiatives and strategies;
    - Implementing joint policies for social inclusion and sustainable territorial development;
    The said goals will be pursued through three operational goals, which will also define three project work packages:
    WP3 – Setting up of a Social Economy Development Agency
    WP4 – Setting up of a network of services devoted to work inclusion of disadvantaged people
    WP5 – Identification of new work areas

    - Analysis and study of target areas;
    - Building of a cross-border network of stakeholders in the field of social economy and work inclusion;
    - Information days;
    - Events and workshops for investigation, communication and dissemination activities;
    - Local territorial agreements.

    Expected results:
    - Setting up a permanent cross-border Social Economy Development Agency (expected result: setting up and activation of a European co-operative);
    - Identifying the location and setting up a joint cross-border venue for the Agency (expected result: renewal of a building on the border between Gorizia and Nova Gorica);
    - Identifying and setting up financial tools (expected result: setting up of a Cross-Border Financial Fund especially devoted to this end);
    - Promoting social economy culture (expected result: organisation of three cross-border cultural events);
    - Finding a common definition for the “inclusion service”, harmonising regulations and increasing the capacity to include disadvantaged people (expected results: implementation of a single database of disadvantaged people, implementation of a single experimentation model for work inclusion processes, increase in the number of identified disadvantaged people, improvement in cross-border mobility);
    - Creating business opportunities through territorial animation (expected results: at least 50 pre-feasibility studies on social business/new activities);
    - Designing social business development strategies in the field of the environment and territorial agreements (expected result: at least one local agreement and one pilot project for each territory).

    Further information:
    The concept of this project builds on some results obtained from previous projects and, namely, on the achievements of two experimental projects that were implemented in Phase 2 of the Equal program: the first one by the Province of Ravenna called AGAPE, which in particular developed public-private partnerships and designed work inclusion tools in the entrepreneurial and social fields, and the second one by the Province of Gorizia called ISO.NEW.
    SEA includes the contents and a part of the SES-Social Economy Development strategic project partnership submitted in September 2009, which was not funded owing to lack of resources.
    The subjects dealt with in the joint analysis and development are very topical and urgent, and still today the project operational goals and expected results outline the vision of an innovative system for work inclusion and sustainable social and economic development.

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  • Project data begin: September 2011
  • Project data end: December 2014
  • Approved costs: 1.304.191,72
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Udine, Rovigo, Ravenna, Goriška, Osrednjeslovenska
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009

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