Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: TRANSARMON - Harmonization of standards for SMEs that act across border area

  • Priority task: 2. Competitiveness and knowledge based society
  • Priority: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009 - 2

  • Project code: TRANSARMON
  • Users: SDGZ - Slovensko Deželno Gospodarsko Združenje - URES - Unione Regionale Economica Slovena
  • Partner:
    Provincia di Trieste
    Obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Slovenije
    CNA Veneto - Confederazione nazionale artigianato e piccola e media impresa del Veneto
    S.I.PRO. - Agenzia Provinciale per lo sviluppo S.p.A.
    Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije - Območna zbornica za severno Primorsko
    Confcommercio Trieste
    NET EUROPE - IT & PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION - GEIE – Gruppo Europeo di Interesse Economico
    ASS n.1 Triestina - Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari
    Confindustria Trieste
    Confartigianato Trieste
    Območna obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Ajdovščina
    Območna obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Sežana
    Območna obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Nova Gorica

  • Description:
    The project TRANSARMON will implement a research, a data collection and the arrangement of sources of information related to the possibilities offered by the European legislation to SMEs established in the cross border area.
    As a result of Schengen agreements, an increasing number of SMEs in the border area start to operate and co-operate, having trouble related to the lack of regulations between the two Italy and Slovenia.
    The project aims to support SMEs' competitiveness and contribute to the overall objective of the Program, by helping SMEs as well as Supervisory bodies and Government agencies.
    Target groups of the project will be local entrepreneurs, who will be supported by legal experts to deepen the lack resulting from a non harmonization of laws; this will be done in particoular in sectors such as hygiene and nutrition education, safety, environmental issues, tax issues, mobility.

  • Homepage Url:

  • Project data begin: November 2011
  • Project data end: April 2015
  • Approved costs: 768.925,48
  • Region / Statistical region: Trieste, Venezia, Ferrara, Obalno-Kraška, Goriška, Primorsko-notranjska, Osrednjeslovenska
  • Typology: Public call for standard projects no. 02/2009

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List of beneficiaries of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 (last update: February 2017