Projects 2007-2013

  • Project title: ADRIA A - Accessibility and development for the re-launch of the Adriatic internal

  • Priority task: 1. Environment, transport and sustainable territorial integration
  • Priority: Public call for strategic projects no. 01/2009 - 1

  • Project code: ADRIA A
  • Users: Segretariato Esecutivo dell'Iniziativa Centro Europea
  • Partner:
    Luka Koper d.d.
    Mestna občina Nova Gorica
    Občina Šempeter-Vrtojba
    Občina Sežana
    Občina Divača
    Comune di Trieste
    Ente Zona Industriale di Trieste
    Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.A.
    INFORMEST - Agenzia per lo sviluppo e la cooperazione economica internazionale
    Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d.
    Autorità Portale di Trieste
    Venice International University
    Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo S.p.a. Save
    Ministero della Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti
    Università degli studi di Ferrara
    Comune di Gorizia
    Comune di Monfalcone
    Regione del Veneto
    Mestna občina Koper / Comune città di Capodistria
    Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
    Provincia di Trieste
    Università degli studi di Trieste
    Comune di Venezia
    Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za pomorstvo in promet
    Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare
    Ministrstvo za infrastrukture in prostor RS

  • Description:
    The project ADRIA A, funded in range of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013, aims to reorganize the accessibility and the transport of the entire cross-border Italy and Slovenia area and establish an integrated metropolitan area.

    The common target is to reach a critical mass that is necessary for the competitiveness of the area and the implementation of an efficient, integrated and sustainable system. For this reason, the project plans to realise the missing railway links in Italy and Slovenia, that will make possible the establishment of transport services among the entire area. In addition, ADRIA A aims to create the first EGTC (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation) between Italy and Slovenia, which will give an important legal basis for future cooperation in the field of planning and transport.

    The project aims to effectively integrate transport modes (railway, public transport, inter-modality rail-air and rail-sea) among the metropolitan area. ADRIA A will strengthen the links between the city, through the implementation of an integrated rail service. The project will carry out some preliminary studies of the missing links between the Slovenian and Italian infrastructure. In particular, the projects of the Gorizia-Nova Gorica-Vrtojba route, the electrification of the Nova Gorica-Sežana route and the railway link between Trieste and Koper-Capodistria, will be relised.

    The existing railway route will be deeply analyzed to find out the missing links and the bottlenecks and to propose solutions to optimize their use. The cross-border area will be integrated in a single subway system with the central part of the Veneto region, an area of great international importance both from the culture and tourism point of view and also from its production centres, town centres and transport resources.

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  • Project data begin: January 2010
  • Project data end: April 2015
  • Approved costs: 2.838.872,34
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Trieste, Venezia, Ferrara, Obalno-Kraška, Goriška, Osrednjeslovenska, Gorenjska
  • Typology: Public call for strategic projects no. 01/2009

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