Projects 2000-2006

  • Project title: Migrations and economic-social changes between Trieste and Capodistria-Koper. The second postwar period in the framework of the twentieth century

  • Priority task: Human resources, cooperation and systems harmonisation
  • Project measure: Measure 3.2 - Cooperation in culture, communication, research and institutions for the systems between harmonisation

  • Project code: BAFVG332256
  • Users: Department of Geographical and Historical Studies - Trieste University
  • Partner:
    Slovenian National and Study Library (Trieste)
    SLORI - Slovenski raziskovalni inštitut / Istituto sloveno di ricerche (Trieste - Trst)
    ZRS - Science and Research Centre - University of Primorska

  • Description: This project is logically connected with the initiative “Population movements and social changes in the province of Trieste and in the area of Capodistria-Koper in the second postward period” and aims at completing the research on the sources considered. This initiative aims at examining the wealth of material located at the Historical and Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Ministry of Labour, the Regional Institute for Istrian Culture in Trieste, the Registry Offices in the province of Trieste, ISTAT (Italian National Statistical Institute) and the French National Archives in Paris. Moreover, all data will be cross-referenced with the data deriving from the Slovenian archives. A compared analysis will be carried out on the archives material, studying the sources of memory with the typical methods of oral history. The research and interpretation work is completed by some studies on the migration movements and social-economic changes which have taken place since the end of the nineteenth century. The cooperation and the coordination between the two parties in order to carry out the project are ensured by regular meetings attended by the technical working parties and held at least every three months. Both the intermediate working stages and its final results are discussed during public seminars, where results and methods are compared; they are also dealt with by specific publications. At the end of the project, an international conference will be held about the research programme, in order to submit its results to the local and international scientific community and to the cross-border population; the proceedings of the conference will also be published.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: January 2004
  • Project data end: December 2006
  • Approved costs: 145.308,00 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Trieste

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