Projects 2000-2006

  • Project title: Europe in bloom

  • Priority task: Human resources, cooperation and systems harmonisation
  • Project measure: Measure 3.1 - Vocational training, re-training and innovative initiatives on the labour-market

  • Project code: AAFVG331198
  • Users: State Secondary School with Emphasis on Scientific Subjects "Galileo Galilei" (Trieste)
  • Partner:
    State Secondary School with Emphasis on Scientific Subjects with Slovene as the Language of Instruction “France Prešeren” (Trieste)
    High School "Tolmin"
    Middle School "Pietro Coppo" (Izola)

  • Description: The project consists of a joint action among four schools in order to implement an educational and meeting programme between students and teachers aimed at deepening mutual knowledge and the exchange between the youth who will be called to create the new Europe. The project aims at the creation of four laboratories, the promotion of three one-day events, the definition and implementation of a cross-border student’s journal as a final report and assessment of the project itself. The four laboratories (literary, scientific, sports and civic culture) are set up in the participating schools. Each laboratory is attended by approximately twenty students and it is aimed at discussing in depth the specific subject matter, that is then shared on the occasion of the events with the students who have taken part in the same laboratory in the other schools. The students who follow the sports culture and civil culture laboratories meet at Liceo Oberdan and organise two workshops (discussion of the subject matter and final assembly to present the results). There follow the sports events for the representatives of individual schools. The second day is devoted to the students attending the scientific laboratories. They gather in Dolina to retrace together the steps of the Path of Friendship, through a form of themed guidance. The third day is devoted to the literary culture and scientific culture laboratories, with participants meeting at Liceo Prešeren according to the same procedure of day one. The events will be attended by two or three students per school acting as correspondents, with the task of drawing up a cross-border students’ journal, in Italian and Slovene, with reflections, observations and evaluations.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: April 2004
  • Project data end: May 2005
  • Approved costs: 24.064,20 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Trieste

List of beneficiaries

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