Projects 2000-2006

  • Project title: METE – The land of Tiepolos

  • Priority task: Economic cooperation
  • Project measure: Measure 2.2 - Cross-border cooperation in the tourism

  • Project code: CBVEN222505
  • Users: Confesercenti - General Confederation of Italian traders (Venezia)
  • Partner:
    Chamber of Commerce (Koper-Capodistria)
    Chamber of Commerce (Venice)
    Venice Province

  • Description: The area of Mirano offers the visitor an extraordinary wealth in terms of heritage, art treasures, beautiful natural landscapes, unique gastronomic traditions. The Mirano area is densely punctuated by splendid villas and parks dating back to the times of the Serenissima. Among them is the famous villa of the Tiepolo family of Venetian Painters. This vast and varied wealth is not to this day fully enhanced, at times it is not even recognized, and remains hidden and unsuspected. The area of the Land of Tiepolo has, nevertheless, much to offer. For this reason the project envisages the implementation of a targeted communication action to promote the area of Mirano as a tourist destination, in connection to the actions already undertaken and currently under way. Initially, a series of meetings were set up with the local authorities and operators, in order to present the study on the itineraries and to welcome possible comments and suggestions. After this phase, various itineraries were identified (e.g., the itinerary of ancient villas, the archaeological itinerary) and a coordinated image was developed for the project. This resulted in an art-box promoting Tiepolo-based ecotourism in the Mirano and Istria area. The art-box brings together the various characteristic itineraries of the areas involved. Furthermore, eco-gastronomic events were organised that, thanks to the participation of local operators, represented an opportunity to match the cuisine of the sea with that of the dry land, following the best culinary traditions of the territory.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: December 2007
  • Project data end: June 2008
  • Approved costs: 162.555,71 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Venezia

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