• Project title: The mills and fairies' route

  • Priority task: Economic cooperation
  • Project measure: Measure 2.2 - Cross-border cooperation in the tourism

  • Project code: BAFVG222231
  • Users: Cercivento Municipality
  • Partner:
    Mestna občina Nova Gorica

  • Description: The project, implemented by the Town of Cercivento, aims at promoting and enhancing thematic itineraries inspired to the fairytales of the local tradition and the mills, that have always characterised the area and were the main source of hydraulic energy in the area. Maintenance and renovation work will be carried out on the routes, the rest areas and the safety railings; suitable outdoor furniture will be provided as well as educational boards and signage. Part of a timber chute (slide) and of a traditional timber-carrying telpher will be reconstructed. In this sense this project aims at encouraging a sort of thematic tourism, enhancing resources and typical local products such as honey, apples and berries. The tourist offer in the area is then integrated with sports activities - both in summer and in winter - while promoting “lesser” tourist destinations and granting greater visibility to the territory.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: June 2005
  • Project data end: September 2006
  • Approved costs: 373.030,00 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Udine


The official documentation of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 is available in Italian and Slovene version only.

Programma Operativo
Approvato dalla UE con decisione C(2007) 6584 del 20 dicembre 2007

Rapporto ambientale

Piano di comunicazione
Approvato dalla Commissione europea con comunicazione n. 5387 in data 30 giugno 2008