• Project title: The places of production and technological enhancement in the framework of thematic tourism

  • Priority task: Human resources, cooperation and systems harmonisation
  • Project measure: Measure 3.2 - Cooperation in culture, communication, research and institutions for the systems between harmonisation

  • Project code: AAFVG332301
  • Users: Terzo d'Aquileia Municipality
  • Partner:
    Entrepreneurship promotion centre (Piran)
    Aiello del Friuli Municipality
    Aquileia Municipality
    Bagnaria Arsa Municipality
    Bicinicco Municipality
    Campolongo al Torre Municipality
    Cervignano del Friuli Municipality
    Fiumicello Municipality
    Palmanova Municipality
    Ruda Municipality
    S. Maria la Longa Municipality
    S. Vito al Torre Municipality
    Tapogliano Municipality
    Trivignano Udinese Municipality
    Villa Vicentina Municipality
    Visco Municipality
    Self-administered Community of the Italian National Group (Izola)
    "Giuseppe Tartini" Italian Community (Piran)
    Občina Izola - Comune di Isola
    Piran Municipality

  • Description: The building heritage of a territory - that is, everything that has been built in the course of centuries or millenniums - is the result of three interacting elements: man, environment and culture. Man is considered as a thread in a tissue of relations, in a long history which has seen moments of cooperation and confrontation, of fruitful peace and hard conflict. Climate has played a major role in determining how roofs were conceived of and planned, or how the proportion between solid and void was thought of (with the use of loggias, porches, arches, etcetera). Culture is to be considered not only as the expression of contemporary art forms, but rather as an expression of the manifold activities of man (both material and intellectual); therefore it also includes the various ways houses were conceived of and devised - and in the Upper Adriatic the house has always represented a value both for individuals and the community. The project thus envisages the cataloguing of the historical buildings having a productive function, which can be found on the territory at issue: mills, tobacco dryers, brick furnaces, cellars, saltworks, oil mills, port structures and warehouses, blacksmiths’ workshops, hydraulic structures (for example in the Theresian reclamation area), farms with important lodges. A digital database collects a detailed graphic and/or photographic documentation about the building heritage considered. The results will be divulged through the publication of a catalogue formed by cards, a documentary travelling exhibition and a series of symposiums.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: September 2004
  • Project data end: March 2007
  • Approved costs: 198.000,00 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Udine


The official documentation of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 is available in Italian and Slovene version only.

Programma Operativo
Approvato dalla UE con decisione C(2007) 6584 del 20 dicembre 2007

Rapporto ambientale

Piano di comunicazione
Approvato dalla Commissione europea con comunicazione n. 5387 in data 30 giugno 2008