• Project title: The Karst district-Distretto del Carso

  • Priority task: Sustainable development of the cross-border area
  • Project measure: Measure 1.1 - Protection, preservation and development of the environment and the territory

  • Project code: AAFVG111407 AASLO111407
  • Users: State School District "S. Pietro al Natisone"
  • Partner:
    Doberdob Municipality
    Duino Aurisina - Devin Nabrežina Municipality
    Monrupino - Repentabor Municipality
    S. Dorligo della Valle - Dolina Municipality
    Savogna d'Isonzo Municipality
    Trieste Municipality
    Občina Divača
    Občina Hrpelje - Kozina
    Občina Miren - Kostanjevica
    Sežana Municipality

  • Description: The project regards the Italian and Slovenian Karst area as a homogeneous territorial entity and aims at establishing joint targeted planning initiatives to enhance the natural Karst environment. In this sense, Karst is regarded as a contact area for the implementation of sustainable development programmes and policies aimed at improving the quality of the local population’s life, the environment and the cross-border territory, while taking into account the available human resources and the socio-economic and environmental features of the local territory. Specifically, the projects intends to set up a Joint Working Table bringing together the institutional actors involved, so as to strengthen existing networks of relations among those in charge of territorial planning and the use/optimization of public funding; economic operators are also called to participate, in order to outline a common vision that is organic, uniform and shared of the various problems and the potential for development of Karst. The project also entails the identification of strategies and administrative instruments contributing to a joint environmental planning in the field of water services, road networks, infrastructures, routes and trails, and telematic networks to benefit the local inhabitants and authorities, in order to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Lastly, a feasibility study is carried out to evaluate the possibility to set up a joint body charged with the coordinated management and administration of the territory. The project will conclude with the drawing up of an “Agreement to establish the crossborder partnership for the development of Karst”, signed by fourteen Italian and Slovenian subjects (the Provinces of Trieste and Gorizia, 11 Municipalities and Agencies for the Local Development of Karst and Brkini), which represents the formal commitment to the implementation of cross-border cooperation projects in the framework of Programming Period 2007-2013.
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  • Project data begin: June 2005
  • Project data end: September 2007
  • Approved costs: 117.105,73 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Obalno-Kraška


The official documentation of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 is available in Italian and Slovene version only.

Programma Operativo
Approvato dalla UE con decisione C(2007) 6584 del 20 dicembre 2007

Rapporto ambientale

Piano di comunicazione
Approvato dalla Commissione europea con comunicazione n. 5387 in data 30 giugno 2008