• Project title: Cross-border clinical network

  • Priority task: Human resources, cooperation and systems harmonisation
  • Project measure: Measure 3.2 - Cooperation in culture, communication, research and institutions for the systems between harmonisation

  • Project code: AAVEN332057
  • Users: 13th District Local Social-Health Authority (Mirano)
  • Partner:
    "Sežana" Hospital
    Trieste and Gorizia Slovenian Physicians' Association (Trieste)
    "Izola" Hospital (Izola )

  • Description: This project is going to set up a network of research and services based on the processing of clinical data and images generated by hospital medical assessments, in order to rationalize resources and undertake new prevention programmes. A health Intranet has been set up involving the Local Social-Health Units in Mirano, Dolo and Noale as well as the health facilities and the general practitioners. Thanks to this network, the information database can be effectively integrated and managed, whilst providing the opportunity to exchange the patients’ clinical data and to consult medical records. In order to cooperate with the Slovenian hospitals, some areas of common research have been detected and the respective patterns in the field of health organization have been analysed, in order to define those actions that are necessary to harmonize the systems. The new environment makes it possible to manage the assessment techniques which use microscopy, endoscopy and ecography, and operate on a platform “Microsoft SQL Server 2000”. This client-server architecture is fully compatible with the Hospital Information System (HIS) and allows for the management of the patients’ clinical records, where the images are associated with the database of the tests carried out. The creation of the new software environment has made it necessary to hold some training sessions with the physicians. The departments of Anatomical Pathology, General Medicine, Surgery and Pneumology have been involved in this first experimentation.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: November 2002
  • Project data end: August 2004
  • Approved costs: 157.090,00 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Trieste


The official documentation of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 is available in Italian and Slovene version only.

Programma Operativo
Approvato dalla UE con decisione C(2007) 6584 del 20 dicembre 2007

Rapporto ambientale

Piano di comunicazione
Approvato dalla Commissione europea con comunicazione n. 5387 in data 30 giugno 2008