• Project title: TEMPO - Nature, culture, sport without borders - Thematic itineraries in Slovenia, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto

  • Priority task: Economic cooperation
  • Project measure: Measure 2.2 - Cross-border cooperation in the tourism

  • Project code: AAFVG222527, AASLO222527
  • Users: SDGZ - Slovenian Regional Economic Association (Cividale del Friuli)
  • Partner:
    Sport Club "Blue Arrows" (S. Stino di Livenza)
    "Bibione - Caorle" Local Tourist Office
    Chamber of Commerce (Trieste)
    "Rilke" Touristic and Economic Committee (Duino - Aurisina / Devin - Nabrežina)
    Caorle Municipality
    Duino Aurisina - Devin Nabrežina Municipality
    S. Michele al Tagliamento Municipality
    S. Stino di Livenza Municipality
    Trieste Municipality
    Self-administered Coastal Community of the Italian National Group (Koper - Capodistria)
    Tourism Promotion Consortium "Veneto Orientale" (Bibione - Caorle)
    Consortium for the Protection of the Controlled Denomination of Origin of the "Carso" wines (Trieste)
    Gruppo di Azione Locale Venezia Orientale (VeGAL)
    Nova Gorica Museum
    Informest - Service and Documentation Centre for International Economic Co-operation (Gorizia)
    Forestry and Agricultural Institute - Forestry and Agricultural Chamber (Celje)
    Trieste Province
    Venice Province
    RRA severne Primorske - Regijska razvojna agencija severne Primorske d.o.o. Nova Gorica
    SKGZ - Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union (Trieste)
    SSO - Confederation of Slovenian Organizations (Trieste)
    Turistica - College of Tourism Portorož - University of Primorska (Koper - Capodistria)
    Italian Union (Koper - Capodistria)
    Albert Borschette Institute – Association for International Cooperation (Koper - Capodistria)
    ZRS - Science and Research Centre - University of Primorska

  • Description: The project aims to define a cross-border tourist offer by joining different types of itineraries in the territorial areas involved. Specifically, the project aims at diversifying and integrating the tourist offer by connecting the three key tourist sectors of nature, culture and sports in one single cross-border context. In the light of the needs expressed by the territory - through a bottom-up approach and a strategic and scientific implementation - this project intends to give voice to the public and private actors who want to enhance and promote the thematic itineraries of the area (trails, cycling routes, other connecting structures). A single, common and clearly identifiable image of the Italian-Slovenian territory will thus be defined, by setting up a synergic network between partners. The initiative includes the identification and cataloguing of the common tourist attractions, the thematic itineraries and the actors operating in the area, a far-reaching territorial marketing strategy, a series of interventions to enhance, consolidate and upgrade connections and thematic itineraries that are significant from the naturalistic, cultural and social points of view.
  • Homepage Url: http:///

  • Project data begin: August 2005
  • Project data end: December 2007
  • Approved costs: 143.292,00 €
  • Region / Statistical region: Gorizia, Trieste, Venezia, Obalno-Kraška


The official documentation of the CBC Programme Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013 is available in Italian and Slovene version only.

Programma Operativo
Approvato dalla UE con decisione C(2007) 6584 del 20 dicembre 2007

Rapporto ambientale

Piano di comunicazione
Approvato dalla Commissione europea con comunicazione n. 5387 in data 30 giugno 2008